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ddHiFi TC28i USB-C to Lightning Adapter for Apple Devices

A little while ago I did a short unboxing and review of the THX Onyx Portable DAC. Here's a link to that review.


I'm using the THX Onyx portable DAC with my iPhone XS Max. One thing I noted in that review is that when using the required Apple CCK cable, the whole setup became a little unwieldy. Someone in a Facebook group suggested the use of a third-party 'CCK adapter' that appeared to be a far neater solution. This adapter was the ddHiFi TC28i USB-C female to male Lightning adapter. It allows USB-C terminated devices like portable DACs to be connected to an iPhone/iPad through the Lightning port. It's essentially a replacement for the Apple CCK cable, functioning as an OTG adapter.

Note: it may not perform fully as an Apple CCK cable. As far as I am aware, it has been tested with several portable DACs so far.

Doing some research on where to buy this adapter, I couldn't find a supplier in the UK. I did find it available on Ali Express. Here is the link to the ddHiFi TC28i adapter on the DD HiFi Store on Ali Express:


The limitations of this adapter are specified on that page so it's worthwhile reading up on those before you purchase it.

It cost me a total of 27.10 GBP. The entire shopping experience using Ali Express was very good. From placing the order to delivery at my home in the UK took a total of 2 weeks (i.e. 14 days). That's a good delivery timescale. Full tracking was always available.

This tiny adapter is very well packaged using (mostly) recyclable materials. The box was shrink-wrap sealed which is reassuring.

The top cover was a tight fit! It took me some effort to open the box.

Inside the box was a small amount of packaging material (shredded brown paper) to stop the contents rattling in the box, a packet of moisture absorbing granules and the DD TC28i adapter itself, which was in a small resealable bag.

There was also a warranty card at the bottom of the box.

The adapter is quite tiny, measuring approximately 18mm (W) x 20mm (D) x 9mm (H). Note that some of the depth includes the Lightning connector which would be inserted into the iPhone. Connected to an iPhone, the depth of the TC28i adapter extends to just 15mm.

The USB-C female port is on the side of the adapter.

Here's how the adapter looks when connected to my THX Onyx portable DAC.

Contrast this with the setup when using the Apple CCK cable.

So we go from a total length of 34cm down to just 22cm. That's a saving of 12cm! Size matters, right?

Here's how the setup looks with my headphones connected.

Connecting it up to my iPhone, the the THX Onyx went through its brief startup 'lightshow' with no problems at all.

I ran both the TIDAL app and the Neutron Music Player app on my iPhone to check that music was playing through my headphones, thus confirming that the adapter is compatible with the THX Onyx. I'm happy to report that everything functioned correctly, including MQA decoding.

In summary, the ddHiFi TC28i USB-C to Lightning adapter is a great match for the THX Onyx and iPhone. Music plays just as well as when using the official Apple CCK cable. That's all that matters. The whole setup is a lot more portable and neat now.

I hope you enjoyed reading this unboxing and review of the ddHiFi TC28i adapter! Feel free to comment - this does require a quick, easy and free registration. Also, check out some of my other posts in this blog.

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