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Digitising my vinyl collection

Here's a teaser video of how I'm digitising my vinyl record collection. I hope to create a detailed post on this subject in the future.

I use my 1990s HiFi system for playback (just the record player). The record player is a Thorens TD 160 B MkII fitted with an Ortofon VMS 20E MkII cartridge.

The record player is directly connected to an iFi Zen Phono phono stage (set to the lowest sensitivity MM setting). The line output of the iFi Zen Phono is then connected via an 25dB attenuator to a Tascam DR-05X audio recorder, which is set to record at 24-bit 96kHz. The connection between the iFi Zen Phono to the attenuator and from the attenuator to the DR-05X uses Audioquest Evergreen cables (twin-RCA to 3.5mm stereo and 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo. The attenuator is a Fentronix SAA25 25dB Stereo Audio Attenuator purchased on eBay UK.

Since the record player is disconnected from the HiFi system's amp, monitoring is carried out via headphones connected to the headphone out of of the DR-05X. The headphones shown in the video are my Beyerdynamic Xelento IEMs.

Tidying up of the audio is done in Audacity for macOS and the resulting music is exported in 24-bit 96kHz FLAC format for adding to my music library.

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