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How does my bedroom HiFi system sound?

I previously wrote about my bedroom HiFi system and that post can be found here:


But how does it sound to the ear? Well, this gave me an opportunity to test out my Tascam DR-05X audio recorder. I placed the recorder close to the centre of the pillows on my bed to make a recording.

I set the quality to 24-bit depth and 96kHz sample rate, recording to a WAV file format.

The DR-05X was pointing at the audio system, which was approximately 2.2m away.

I let the amplifier warm up for a few minutes and adjusted the recording level whilst monitoring some audio playback to avoid clipping during the recording.

As a reminder, my bedroom HiFi system is fairly basic:

Source: LG V30+ phone running UAPP and connected via LDAC to an iFi Zen Blue Bluetooth receiver.

Amplifier: Rotel RA-314 integrated amplifier from the 1970s

Speakers: Dynaudio Audience 42 bookshelf speakers

More details and pictures of my bedroom HiFi system can be found in the original post here:


I converted the recorded WAV file to a FLAC file in Audacity to get a much smaller file size. I then added some pictures to make a video using the FLAC as the audio channel.

Here is how my bedroom HiFi system actually sounds.

Thanks for listening!

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