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Keeping Fit and Healthy Under Lockdown

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Just over a year into lockdown I've found that keeping fit and healthy has been difficult for me so in recent months I have sought to compile a relatively easy indoor exercise routine that is effective and enjoyable to do.

Here's a 30-minute daily routine that I put together that includes some strength exercises and some stretching exercises taken from elements of mindfulness, yoga, Pilates and bodyweight strength training.

Equipment required: Abs roller, dumbbell (for goblet squats, but not essential). If you don't have an abs roller then use other abs exercises instead.

The equipment I use for abs rolls and press-ups is from Perfect Fitness. The abs roller is the Perfect AB Carver Pro and the push-ups handles are the Perfect Fitness Push UP V2.

Amazon UK links are Here:

Abs roller: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00COQ2X94

Push-ups handles: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008XY49UM/

Link to the manufacturer: https://perfectfitness.implus.com

IMPORTANT: Please do not undertake any of these exercises unless you have sought professional medical advice of their suitability for you.

• Mindful breathing

• Back stretch

• Abs rolls

• Press ups

• Plank

• Squats / goblet squats

• Standing quadriceps stretch

• Standing hip-flexor stretch

• Side lunge (adductors) stretch

• Hamstring (Pilates roll-down) stretch

• Lunging calf stretch

• Heel drop calf stretch

• Cross-body shoulder stretch

• Overhead triceps stretch

• Pecs stretch

• Arm circles

• Reach up stretch and side stretches

• Shoulder rolls

• Neck rolls

• Mindful breathing

I find that this routine is manageable daily (or every other day) and has a good, balanced range of strength, breathing and stretching exercises. I try to apply Mindfulness to most of these exercises.

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